ISCSEM has 5 BSc degrees (Nutrition Sciences, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Sciences, Health Sciences, Food Engineers), 2 Integrated Master degrees (Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dentistry) and Master Degrees in Clinical Nutrition, Molecular Biology in Health and Forensic Psychology. There are also several post‐graduation speciality courses in dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences and clinical analysis. With over 3500 students, Egas Moniz is a case of success and excellence in Health Science Teaching and graduate placement in Portugal. Beside Health Sciences, Egas Moniz is developing teaching and research in the Forensic and Criminal Sciences field. In fact, Egas Moniz Health Science Institute is the first University Institution running the Forensic Science BSc degree in Portugal. R&D is a major concern for Egas Moniz. The scientific investment is producing valuable contributions to Portuguese community, through indexed PUBMED papers, patents and research awards to investigators from ISCSEM