Below are some of the students who have taken part in the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Forensic Science.


The course provides a great variety of different forensic topics. Together with the seminars, lectures and practical’s given by well-known guest lecturers you gain a vast amount of knowledge about specific subjects and obtain a broad forensic network world-wide. With the final research project, you can specialise in a subject and learn how to work individually as well as gaining and improving specific skills.

By taking the course in three different countries you learn how to be flexible and to adapt to different environments, as well as learning to speak some Spanish and Portuguese. As a result of everyone taking the course being from all around the world you learn more about the different cultures and habits of those people. Looking back at these 2 years I can genuinely say that these have been the best years of my life so far!

samuel web


I am proud to be the graduate of the Erasmus Mundus Forensic Science (EMFSc) program. As an analytical chemist this program broadened my career perspective through the range of courses it covers. The program is structured to encompass students with variety of academic backgrounds in science and technology. In addition to the excelled academic experience, this program gave me an opportunity to continue my PhD study and network with high profile researchers in Europe. I studied with outstanding students from four continents which made the two years a remarkably competitive experience in my academic career. I strongly recommend students to apply for this program, not only because of the high quality of education it provides but also due to the excellent and humble professors from the three universities.



Erasmus Mundus Masters in Forensic Science turned out to be so much more than getting advanced knowledge of toxicology (which was the main reason I applied for this course). Being introduced to educational systems in three different countries and having the privilege of attending guest lectures held by some of the most renowned international forensic experts was an exceptional experience. It all improved my self-confidence and practical skills, and generally motivated me beyond my expectations. An additional great value of this Course was sharing all that exceptional experience with wonderful colleagues – students from 4 continents.